2014 Fall Session

Tri-Cup Tournament

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2014 Fall Session


Click HERE for complete information — Match Schedules & Brackets


2014 Fall Session Captains Tournament

CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Connelly for winning the first of our 8 trips to Las Vegas in our first ever Captains Tournament for skill levels 5/6/7 in 8 ball!
And Aaron Winkelspecht wins a free session of play for his runner up finish.

CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck Rulli for winning the second of our 8 trips to Las Vegas in our first ever Captains Tournament for skill levels 2/3/4 in 8 ball!
And Keisha Spakosky wins a free session of play for her runner up finish.

CONGRATULATIONS to the third of our eight Vegas bound captains, Chris "Gribbler" Grieb! He won the heavy 5/6/7/8/9 bracket at Fat Albert's Billiards in 9 ball!
And Chris Comeau wins a free session of play for his runner up finish.
CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria Holladay Larcombe for winning our fourth of eight Vegas trips we are giving away to our captains and co-captains!!! She won the SL1/2/3/4 bracket!
And Robert Nagle wins a free session of play for his runner up finish.
The Co-Captains Tournament will be the weekend of February 21-22 at Fat Albert's Billiards.

AAA Masters Final Session Schedule
There are ten dates planned with a minimum of two matches each date:
November 16
November 23
December 7
January 11
January 25
February 15

March 8
March 22
March 29
April 12
See more info on the AAA Masters page

 Updated Information!

2014 Fall Session Co-Captains Tournaments

Dates & Times:

8 Ball Co-Captains Tournament — Saturday, February 21st at Fat Albert's Billiards, LLC. 8 Ball CO-CAPTAINS ONLY.

9 Ball Co-Captains Tournament — Sunday, February 22nd at Fat Albert's Billiards, LLC. 9 Ball CO-CAPTAINS ONLY

Location: Fat Albert's Billiards

In case you missed the recent meetings,
or just want to view it again,
here is a link to view the video:
"Understanding Defensive Shots While Playing Pool in the APA Pool League" 


The APA has two new videos available through their YouTube Channel regarding the APA National Singles Championships.
The first video, “APA National Singles Championships Changes,” details all of the great changes to the National Singles Championships starting in 2014.  This includes the addition of the Orange Tier for Skill Level 6 players, the increase in travel assistance and single occupancy rooming in Vegas for all qualified players!
The second is the “APA National Singles Championshipspromotional video.  It explains the NSC program and tournament experience, and has been updated with the 2014 changes including the addition of the Orange Tier and updated prize payout money.


APA of South Jersey Office

313 West Broad Street, Burlington, NJ.
(2 blocks away from Moose Lodge towards Burlington Bristol Bridge)

Phone: 609-526-2000  Fax: 609-526-2057


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